TATA Delight

      We are delighted to present to you an exclusive loyalty program that offers great benefits, special privileges and fabulous rewards. As a member, you will earn TATA Points on all your spends at TATA Motors Dealers, TASSes and Distributors for service, spares, repairs, etc. You can also earn bonus points on enrolment as well as by registering new TATA commercial vehicles in your fleet. You can then accumulate all your TATA Points and redeem them at the TATA Motors Dealers, TASSes and Distributors or for exciting gifts and valuable vouchers. This unique loyalty program also offers exclusive privileges like scholarships for your kids, a chance to win TATA Nano every quarter, plant / factory visits and invites to events & movie shows. Thatís not all. The program offers accidental and hospitalization covers for drivers of your registered TATA commercial vehicles. Upon successful enrolment into the program you will be given 2 cards, an Owner Card and a Chassis Card. These cards can be used to collect, redeem and enjoy a world of exciting benefits that you are entitled to as a member. Owner Card

      You get a TATA Delight owner card on enrolment. This card helps you to earn, accumulate and redeem points earned at the TATA Motors Dealers, TASSes and Distributors. This card will carry your details like name, validity period, etc. As more program partners come on board, you can use your TATA Delight owner card at partner outlets too! Chassis Card You get a TATA Delight chassis card on registering your TATA commercial vehicles. All TATA commercial vehicles owned by you bought on or after Only those commercial vehicle is allowed to enroll into loyalty whose chassis sale date is less than 365 days from current date can be registered in the program. You get one chassis card per registered TATA vehicle.

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